Dear Patients

This is Dr. Yuko Chiyokura. Welcome to our website. Besides providing regular gynecological (prenatal) checkups, we give artificial abortions, prescribe contraceptive pills, and treat other ladies’ diseases in uterus, ovary and breast as well.

If you have japanese insurance, please bring it with you.

Please phone us and make an appointment at 03-3467-4608 or 81-3-3467-4608 for international calls, if you are considering an artificial abortion or having other gynecological or obstetric troubles.

We hope to help you.

The fee for an abortion is ¥120,000 or above depending on your gestational stage. If you plan to have an abortion on the day of your first visit, please bring your agreement for the operation.

Dr. Yuko Chiyokura is introduced as a specialist of gynecology and obstetrics in various maternity magazines at home and abroad; for example, December/ 2009 issue of PRE-MO in Hong Kong. Here is a message from her.

Phone number: 03-3467-4608

Fax number: 03-3467-0660


Hours: 9-11AM, 2-4PM Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

2-4PM Sat

Holidays: Sundays, national holidays and winter holidays-Dec.29-Jan.3

No appointments for abortions accepted during holidays.

If possible please visit us on weekdays (Monday-Friday) before 11 AM because we generally have lots of patients on Saturdays.

Japanese insurance: accepted – Be sure to bring your Japanese insurance card if you have one.

Staff Wanted: We are looking for a few female staff members to help us with the patients and clean the instruments of operation.

PS ;
If you visit to do artificial abortion, please bring your agreement.

Sample of an agreement for abortion:

I hereby agree to have an abortion. I will hold you harmless of any incidents occurring during and or after the operation. I hereunder affix my signature with my guarantor as witness.

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Patient’s address:
Guarantor’s name:
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